Falconry FTW!

Woo Hoo! My book on Falconry came in to the library last night and I got to go get it. I can’t wait to read the hell out of it. It’s an interesting thing, I’ve always been interested in Falconry yet never saw myself having the opportunity to explore it. For those of my dear readers that don’t know I’ve worked at the Michigan Renaissance Festival since 1994. (Yes, since I was 8) It’s in my blood. My mom started working there and I started spending all my summers tromping around the grounds. I even had a full Elizabethan courtiers gown (hoop included!) This summer I was given a bucket list experience. Will of Sky Kings Falconry was kind enough to let me hold some of the birds they use for the birds of prey show. That’s all it took. I was instantly hooked. From Sybil the tiny aplomado falcon,21950693_1431779213572170_336886116681355162_o to Cleo the Eurasian Screech Owl. Although I think my favorite might be Lenny the black vulture. He jumps up on your arm and eats chicken right out of your hand. These magnificent creatures instantly found their way into my heart. After talking with Will for a while we came up with a plan of action. I’m going to study up and take my exam. In the state of Michigan you have to pass a written exam on falconry scoring 80% or better before you’re eligible to become an apprentice. I’ve been checking out every book I can on the subject from my library. (See they are important!) I’ve come a long way but I know I still have a ton to learn. 21551833_1426147384135353_3186009504100509496_oNext year the goal is for me to be able to help with the birds of prey show. I honestly can’t wait. I’ve already bought my glove and hopefully will go hunting with my friend Lisa this winter. These birds are amazing, how they’ve evolved in to supreme hunting machines is astounding. As an archaeologist I find the history of falconry immensely interesting. For 5,000 years humans have been training and using these birds for hunting. Even crazier is the training techniques, and equipment use has changed little over that period of time. I love these birds and am happy that they’ve come into my life. So here’s to studying!


Check out Sky Kings Falconry and help support these amazing birds!

Pictures of the birds provided by the courtesy of Pict Studios

 Where to learn about falconry in Michigan


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