Book Orders

Aidan brought home another book order last night. In some ways I swear I get more excited about them than he does. I remember how exciting it was to get a book order. To pour over it’s pages dreaming of all the things I could get. The little leaflet even smelled like a book as if Scholastic was tempting you with the sweet smell of pages into buying even more books. I love books. I feel like they’re a huge part of my identity and I’ll be damned if my kids don’t like them. I even took the kids to the library yesterday. Some people are making a push to classify libraries as obsolete. Screw you. Libraries are a little slice of heaven. Cathedrals filled with hallowed tomes capable of transporting you to another world and time. The world needs libraries. The world needs books. While kindles and nooks are amazing tools they still don’t compare with holding a paper book in your hand and pouring over its pages. I will go without food, without pop, without the snacks I crave during my gaming sessions in order to buy my children books. Relatives ask what to buy for holidays and birthdays. I tell them no toys (my kids have a bajillion toys) however, I will never ever say that my kids have too many books. A pretty awesome thing that Scholastic does is donate books to the classroom when people order, so now I have even more justification to buy tons of books! Support your school buy all the books!


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