First Post! w00t!

First post, where to begin… I guess niceties are in order. Hi, my name is Trisha. I’m a nerd mom that has ADHD and is trying to raise my kids loosely pagan. Why ‘loosely” you might ask? well, thanks to my ADHD I have a horrible time at organizing my holidays. My son Aidan is five and my daughter Leia will soon be three(two days before x-mas, don’t ask how I managed that) and are the center of my hectic world. I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom loungi- oh who am I kidding I don’t get to lounge. I’m too busy working for my pimps: Laundry and Dishes. They own me. Anyways, this blog is to be a little piece of my mind to offer support to moms or anyone else who needs it. No judgement, just support. Nobody really understands what they’re in for when they start up the parenthood DLC. We can prepare for it, read the reviews and all but once player three is added it’s a whole new world. What I say here is my own personal opinions from my own play through. If something doesn’t work for you please feel free to disregard it. There’s no one correct way to play the game. So sit back grab your mommy wine (It’s mom happy hour somewhere right?) And join me on this crazy ride. I’m happy to have you.


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